What is OHM?

OHM is a resistance training device for Canoe and Kayak athletes. 

It is designed to improve your speed, power and acceleration by training with increased drag. This principle is called post activation potentiation. For more of the theory behind resistance training, check out the 'research and development' tab of the website.

Originally designed for canoe slalom athletes, OHM devices have wide crossover appeal and are now used by polo and recreational paddlers too. 

The Ohm training devices are unique - there are no other market alternatives specifically for canoe slalom athletes.

Key Features:

Athlete Comparison - All products are identical. This allows for direct athlete comparison by coaches and can show individual improvement over time.

The level of resistance can be changed in seconds, allowing for different aspects of speed and power training to be worked on during the same session.

No slide - The silicone construction of the cubes allows them to stick to the underside of the boat, reducing slide towards the hips during use. This was a key problem that was identified during research and development.

Versatile - Unlike drag parachutes or other methods that use an attachment to the tail, OHM devices are perfect for dynamic situations such as turns and gates. They can also be used on Flat water and White Water, unlike all other devices.